Yousef Rastegari

Mobile: 0416 225 825


Address: 12, Inglis Street, Box Hill North, Victoria, 3129, Australia


It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Dr Yousef Rastegari. I recommend Yousef for the work or any position that he has applied as l know him for a long time since he was my PhD student and have done a great research and successful study. I recommend him because of his enthusiasm and passion to finish every assigned job to him. He is also known as a professional and expert in developing software applications for a number of business areas and industries.
Please do not hesitate if you need more information regarding him.

Professor Fereidoon Shams


I have been working closely with Yousef for several years. Yousef is a very talented Solution and Software Architect with comprehensive knowledge about both enterprise-level architecture frameworks and hands-on experiences. Although he has good management skills.

Amir Mahjoorian


During 2020, I had the pleasure of working with Yousef on Melkavi project. He is a great leader, knows how to keep the team members motivated. His energy to make things happen was contagious and it assisted the team with achieving great goals such as receiving the title of Knowledge-based Project from the Iranian Vice-presidency for Science and Technology. His ability to deal with a crisis and come up with innovative solutions were always an inspiration. I am sure he will be a great asset to any team he joins.

Dr. Samaneh Rastegari


Yousef is a hard worker, talented and self-motivated. He is a mastermind in technical management. He is a PhD graduate knowledgeable person with very high-quality software development and production Proficiencies. I have known him since 2002, an expert in stakeholder negotiation and delivers business requirements in well-defined software artifacts.

Reza Sarayani


I have known Yousef in recent ten years and have been his advisor in several software projects under his technical leadership. He is agile, smart and industrious in solving real-world challenges in cost-effective ways. He has very strong business background and applies his high-level technical skills in alignment with business goals. He is kind to his teammates and communicates rationally to make everything clear in case of conflicts.

Dr. Leila Kord


Yousef is a real practical software leader with special business experiences and strong sense of entrepreneurship. We have completed PhD from Shahid Beheshti University and have collaborated in different software engineering and artificial intelligence projects like data mining, big data. IoT, cloud computing, etc. Yousef plays win-win and is warmhearted in workplaces. He embraces emerging technologies and software management paradigms and is a technology enthusiast.

Dr. Shahram Salami

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