Career Profile

I have finished my PhD in Software Engineering and graduated from one of the best universities in Iran, Shahid Beheshti University. Over the past years, I have researched into Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) concepts, which are deemed to be major future technologies. Having been involved in software modeling, software design and software production experiences for over 10 years, now I can cope with related challenges and provide cost-effective solutions easily. Also, I have high-level proficiencies in working with UML modeling, BMP, software architecture, monitoring, and enterprise service bus (ESB) tools. In addition, I am highly skilled at software development life cycle (SDLC) and can conduct professional talented software teams to model and produce software systems based on different technologies such as Java, Php, Python, and Oracle besides preparing managerial to technical documentation and reports.

Meanwhile, I am practically aware of agile methodologies and interweave them with my several years of Software Engineering experiences, to mostly fulfill the business requirements and rise the customer satisfaction. Finally, I have collaborated with many Iranian start-ups as technical consultant, especially at NetBarg.com, the greatest daily deal website.

Motorcycles, Motivational Gurus & a Thousand Little Missteps…

I didn’t have a smooth ride into entrepreneurship.


While my high powered corporate days saw me launching major campaigns for Harley Davidson and flexing my marketing muscles for legendary performance coach and speaker, Tony Robbins…


The shift into “being my own boss” was anything but “high powered.”


When I finally did “take the leap”, I was plagued by a chronic case of second-guessing, shiny-object syndrome, and a battering sense of “not enoughness” that made everything feel 1,000,000X harder than it should.


And when I finally did start to get a bit of traction in my business…


… I quickly realized:


“I’m building the wrong freakin’ business”



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I discovered that building my own dream business was NOT at odds with helping others achieve theirs.

That they were in fact two sides of the same coin. So I doubled down and learned how to do it at scale. I learned:


  • How to rapidly grow my email list from a small trickle of passive freeloaders to a seismic wave of loyal community members


  • How to build time-leveraged courses that allowed me to scale my impact without burning out.


  • How to create and promote webinars packed with so much value that people would set their alarm clocks at 3am just to attend


And after all that was dialed in…


I discovered how to optimize and automate those efforts so that I would never have to explain to my son Cade why I missed another football game.

And best of all…

I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of online experts, educators and entrepreneurs like you sidestep years of struggle and build amazing online businesses of their own.


Action by action.

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for teaching things “action-by-action”.

Not just “step by step”…


But actually going into the nitty gritty details that give you the confidence to build amazing, profitable systems in your business without the crazy tech freak outs and crippling overwhelm.


I’ve shown entrepreneurs not only how to “DIY” but how to DO IT BETTER than that freelancer who quoted half your annual marketing budget just to whip up a few lines of code.


I’m able to do this, because I teach what I know.


I teach what I’ve personally done to build a time-leveraged, multiple 7-figure online business that doesn’t rely on 80 hour work weeks or team of 40 just to keep afloat.


If you like what you’re reading and want to get started with my free online marketing resources right away, check out one of my special “how-to” guides »



Software Engineering (Modeling, Design, Documentation and Production):

  • Practical software analysis, design, and modeling
  • Practical software documentation using MS Visio, IBM RSA, and Sparx EA
  • Practical Service Engineering and Service Oriented Architecture
  • Skilled at Traditional (RUP) and Agile (XP, SCRUM) Software Methodologies
  • Familiar with Software Design Patterns and Architectures
  • “as-is & to-be” analysis of enterprises using ITIL, FEAF and TOGAF frameworks
  • Experienced in Bizagi and IBM RSA for business process design and modeling
  • Modeling business process requirements using BPMN and BPMS
  • Experienced in software monitoring tools like Zabbix, Apache Jmeter and PM2 Keymetrics
  • Experienced in working with Z-eves, Matlab, New relic tools for software evaluation and test
  • Skilled at software architecture evaluation using ATAM and CBAM analysis methods
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) development using Mule studio, Apache ServiceMix
  • Solid knowledge of database design using MySQL and Oracle servers
  • Practical experiences in Debian and CentOS operating systems
  • Skilled in NoSQL database (MongoDB) design and reporting
  • Years of experiences in JavaScript, CSS3, HTML and other UI/UX technologies
  • Years of experiences in JavaScript, CSS3, HTML and other UI/UX technologies
  • Deep understanding of e-commerce and start-up concepts and related software productions
  • Conduct software design and production projects based on “PHP & MySQL” and “JAVA & Oracle” technologies


  • Scientific researches and working projects conduct
  • Strong oral and written communication
  • Providing intelligent easy-to-implement solutions for big challenges
  • Enthusiastic about smart emerging technologies
  • Self-motivated and proactive



Start Strong

How to build a lucrative email list that fuels your business



Scale Fast

Lessons for creating blockbuster courses that leverage your time and profits


Sell More

Master webinars, funnels and Facebook Ads to grow and automate your business

Career Goals

With years of academic researches on emerging paradigms in software engineering, I have always tried my utmost to be an innovative and resourceful person in furthering projects and providing smart solutions.

I am keen on boosting my skills to the highest level by experiencing state-of-the-art technologies for software modeling, design, and production, also by having close-knit collaboration with other experts. Leading technical companies and research teams to provide new, innovative ideas, which will ease the way for people’s life in a smart society, is my ultimate goal.


Best Practices

“Confidence isn’t a function of how many affirmations you repeat each morning – but in how many steps you take in the path laid out in front of you.”